The Risk of NOT Having Managed Print Services

Most small business will have one or two printers in their office, but larger corporations will have a fleet of printers that are scattered around the United States in several different locations. Despite being in different location, Managed Print Services still view this as a single print environment.

You will notice in this Konica Minolta infographic below that they focus on security and sustainability.

Security: Every business prints off information that is secure and important to their company. Some of these industries such as legal, healthcare, and government have a security policy and practices that are non-negotiable. With these industries, Managed Print Services address all of their security needs.  A few ways to keep the personal and high-risk information safe include using a personal printer, having hard drive encryption, and having a user box/ ID scanner.

Sustainability: Managed Print Services can’t eliminate the need for energy and resources, but it can help optimize and streamline how much you actually use on a daily basis. Managed Print Services also help reduce the amount of excess paper and other supplies consumed monthly. Additional solutions to sustainability include monitoring software and having a user box/ ID scanner.

Tri-Copy Office Equipment is here to offer our Managed Print Services to you and your company. Allow Tri-Copy to become your business partner and help your company properly store and print your documents safely while saving your business money.

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