Four Ways Your Old Printers Are Costing You Money

Old printers are like old cars, they start eating away at your budget for maintenance. With your old printer, you need to calculate all of your maintenance costs, energy costs, supply costs, and productivity costs. How do you and your company know when it is the right time to trade in your old printer for a newer model? Below are four things for you to consider.

  1. Age of the printer. If your printer is eight years or older, chances are the manufacturer has stopped making replacement parts. Without the proper parts, fixing the printer will be difficult and costly.
  2. Fewer printers, better ROI. Replacing old printers with new printers gives you the opportunity to create a better printing environment. It allows you to downsize by purchasing printers that are faster, do more than just print, and have a larger format.
  3. Cost per page. Many companies and businesses can’t tell you what their cost per page are, but many can tell you what they spend on the toner cartridges for their printers. Many don’t even know their labor maintenance costs, service costs, or the cost from lost productivity when the printer fails.
  4. Does it only print? Today’s printers are more than just a printer. They scan, copy, and can fax. A single, new all-in-one printer for your business will replace more than just your old printers. Modern printers will combine the work of all your old printers into a single workhorse, allowing for a more streamline, and productive work environment. These multi-function printers deliver a better quality print job and are able to handle bigger files and PDFs.

Instead of paying unnecessary money on maintenance and repairs on your old printers, allow Tri-Copy to help equip your business with the appropriate printers for your needs. Upgrading your printers will save you a lot of money, prevent a lot of down time, and maximize the productivity of your workspace. Contact Tri-Copy for a free technology review.

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