Healthcare Industry and Copier MFPs

Five ways Tri-copy’s Konica Minolta printers are ideal for the healthcare industry for HIPAA compliance:

1. User Authentication / Account Job Tracking: Konica Minolta devices (as standard factory equipment) offer the feature of User Authentication and Account Job Tracking by user (accountability). This is standard in most current models.

2. Password Protection: When programmed, the device can be set up to allow copies or prints only by users who have a valid password or account number. Users who do not possess a valid password or account number cannot make a copy or produce a print.

3. Account Tracking: When Account Track is turned on, Konica Minolta MFPs (MultiFunctional Devices) can track detailed print usage by an individuals’ credentials or account information.

4. Document Tracking: When enabled, Konica Minolta Bizhub MFPs can track prints by user name, time of the print, and how many copies were produced. In addition, this detailed information can be downloaded electronically from the machine to a desktop computer and imported as a common data file into popular applications such as Microsoft Excel. This feature allows healthcare administrators to track individual usage by who printed a document, the name of the file, when it was printed, and how many copies were produced.

5. MFP Audit Logs: Many Konica Minolta Bizhub systems contain electronic job logs that record all print, copy, scan and fax jobs sent to or from the MFP. For example, the Bizhub MFP Audit Log records all print jobs sent by named users. The Audit Log records when the job was printed, how many copies, the time it was printed etc.

Supported information in the Job Log Include:

  • User ID
  • Time & Date of event
  • Job Number
  • Job ID
  • Job Name
  • Scan Destination

With data security becoming so important now it is vital that your office has a secure way to store data. Not only does the Bizhub line of MFPs create a secure way to store data, but it also helps to automate workflow processes. In the long run this saves businesses money. Call Tri-Copy  and we’ll help you find the machine that’s right for you.

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