IT Guys and Printers

Does an IT Guy really cover your printing needs? Most small businesses assume that having an IT professional on call will handle most, if not all of their business technology needs. Connectivity issues? Call the IT guy. Software issues? Call the IT guy. Hardware Issues? Call the IT guy. But what happens when your printer is having connectivity issues? Who do you call when there are challenges with the software or hardware on your printers or copiers?

Printers and copiers are a whole different animal. They require constant, updated communications. The more advanced we become in storing digital data, the more important printers become. Really, they have morphed into central places to digitize information. It is important to have your printers serviced and maintained by an actual printer service provider.

When you purchase or lease a copier from Tri-Copy, we become your central point of contact for all of your printing needs. Anywhere from connectivity issues, to monitoring how low you are on ink, we handle everything. We can also solve your telephone communication issues and mobile printing issues. We are locals too, so there won’t be calls to an IT guy somewhere else, who usually can’t make it out for a visit until the following day. We already covered just how frustrating that can be.

Managing a printer is a unique job. One has to be part technician, part magician, and part connectivity wizard. This is not an easy skill set to find, especially in an IT guy whose training is probably only in computers. Printers and copiers can be complicated and IT guys usually don’t have the knowledge to handle the problems that arise.

If you are a CEO, CFO or an office administrator, making sure your printing and data management system is in place is of upmost importance. When it comes to the security of your data it is vital to have a specialized servicer who knows how to protect information and change the ink. We do it all, so give us a call.

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