“Who Ya Gonna Call?” Personalized Office Technology Support

The robotic customer service voice says, "For customer service, press one. Para espanol primera numero dos." How many times have you made that service call for your copier or managed IT support and felt utterly discouraged? With business at a standstill, hearing that unfriendly recording when you reach out for help can be eternally frustrating. Or worse, someone picks up the phone who is half way across the world, hard to understand and feels so remote they might as well be doing tech support from Mars.

Relationship building is key to customer retention. There is nothing quite like the value of a cheerful and welcoming live voice to greet callers. At Tri-Copy, we are real people, waiting to answer your questions about your office technology. We will guide you through troubleshooting, answer all of your questions, and give you the answers you need to keep your business running smoothly.

We are local, we are accountable and if we can't get you through your problem on the phone we can easily come out to your business. Our location is centered in the Southern Crescent of Metro Atlanta. Literally, we are 25 minutes from your office at all times and with live dispatched field technicians, you are guaranteed quick professional service response when you are faced with problems. Who needs that robotic customer service agent when you can have a real, live person on the phone ready to assist you regarding your office technology?

In addition to offering the best copiers for sale or lease, Tri-Copy is committed to delivering a consistent customer-centric approach to all those we service. There is so much more security and accountability when you have customer service that is around the corner. We serve the greater Atlanta area as well as Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Stockbridge, McDonough, Forest Park, Jonesboro, Griffin and Newnan.

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