How Managed Print Services Benefits Schools

In schools and throughout entire school districts, printing serves a central role. As technology evolves, schools are keeping up with these changes and they have to do so on a limited budget. With Managed Print Services, schools can stay current with their print technologies and stay within their budgets.

Managed Print Services addresses many of the print-related issues school systems face. By working with a managed print provider, schools are able to uncover how their current print environment can improve.

Signs of an inefficient print environment:

  • Many different device models
  • Multiple vendors for supplies and maintenance
  • Frustrated teachers and students
  • Overworked IT department
  • Outdated machines
  • Lack of performance data

Short-term benefits of Managed Print Services

  • Common equipment interface
  • Mobile printing
  • Predictable budget
  • Usage tracking

A common equipment interface means less inconsistency in terms of performance. Managed Print Services provides schools with a predictable, consistent budget. There will be no surprises when a device needs repair or replacement. Due to our performance tracking, there are no risks of over or under ordering supplies.

Long-term benefits of Managed Print Services

  • Comprehensive usage data
  • Cost savings
  • Less time spent on IT issues
  • Minimize waste

With comprehensive performance data, you can determine how to position your print devices. Place the newest, fastest printers in the high printing traffic areas and the older, slower printers in the areas where printers are rarely used.

Managed Print Services are cost saving for schools. One common occurrence in schools is buying toner in bulk and the printer breaking or needing to be replaced. Cost savings also come from saved time. The school’s IT team who previously had to focus on print-related issues can now spend their time on more valuable areas.

By minimizing waste, your print environment can run efficiently. If you are interested in learning more about how Managed Print Services can benefit your school, contact Tri-Copy.  We are here to answer any questions you may have and assist you with all of your printing needs.

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