What is a Cloud and why is it Beneficial?

The cloud is a way to store data without taking up space on your personal computer. Storing data is a central, fundamental function of computers and computing environments. Below are some of the benefits of having a cloud.

  • Cost- When you store data in the cloud, you aren’t paying for servers and the fees to maintain them. Cloud services often operate on a pay as you go, so it can be more cost effective and cost predictable.
  • Scalability- The cloud is here to help your business grow. It is quick to adapt to any businesses and their needs. It also minimizes the worry about the power and capacity of a traditional server.
  • Access- The cloud is accessed through the Internet, so all of your files will be much more accessible from any location.
  • Security- There are two types of security and the cloud provides benefits for both. The first is protection from hardware failure to prevent file loss. The cloud is the ultimate backup system to prevent this kind of loss. The second kind of security trouble comes from hackers and data breaches. With using a cloud system, you have outsourced this security to a team of professionals who stay up to date with all the complexities of an ever- changing threat environment.

The way you store your data truly matters. The benefits provided by a cloud can be an important competitive advantage for businesses small and large. Contact Tri-Copy today for all of your printing and storing needs.

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