Technology’s Effect on the Law Firm of the Future

Advancing law technology has pushed firms to move faster than normal to implement the changes necessary to benefit the possible strategic growth and survival.

Below, insight into some of the most prominent trends and challenges for law firms in 2017, are outlined.

Law firm design- Firms have begun using less space for their offices. They are changing their work styles and using remote offices or even telecommuting.  Utilizing a smaller work space will be addressed with a facility management system such as Teem, a Konica Minolta cloud-based solution used for conference room scheduling and management that will improve productivity. Mobility device management will be especially crucial to a firm’s future work style because they will give attorneys the flexibility in how they can be more effective in tasks and being more client-focused.

Robotics- The legal field is not a field that needs to be worried about being replaced with robots. Artificial intelligence will improve work processes, speed research, and assist lawyers to perform tasks from analyzing data to managing risk and make decisions which will enhance client services and saving attorneys valuable time. Robotics will play a huge role in 2017 and beyond for law firms.

Artificial intelligence (AI) - Today, legal cases consist of documents stored across a broad range of locations. Legal professionals need a solution that offers forensic data collection, computer forensic analysis, data processing, hosting, and production. With AI already in our daily lives, it will be easy to incorporate an AI system into legal firms. Konica Minolta offers an eDiscovery Suite of services.

Workplace of the future solutions- A new product that will be found law firms soon are virtual assistants like Konica Minolta’s ALICE Receptionist.

New Partners- Aside from new lawyers firms will continue to hire IT partners. With the right IT partner, law firms will find it easier to recognize and accept innovative solutions and create a cyber security strategy and implementation plan.

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