Workflow Optimization in the Graphics Industry

Organizations like yours are turning to Tri-Copy for document management solutions that can effectively leverage the power of technology to make your operations more efficient.  By integrating with your line-of-business systems in finance, healthcare, admissions,  accounts payable, contracts, government and more, we can help your organization streamline operations and provide customized solutions for agenda management, case management, claims and loan processing and logistics.

Document management solutions and software provide you with the ability to capture documents in electronic format and store them on a network or in the cloud for your employees to access almost instantaneously. It allows you to know who accessed files and who made changes. It allows you to deny file access to individual users and groups. Approved users can easily access their documents y searching on key words or actual content within the file form any mobile device or PC.

Tri-Copy has developed a focused practice to help you identify and solve business problems that are preventing your organization from realizing gains in efficiency and productivity.  Our trusted advisors work with you to provide the customized solutions that will revolutionize your content management, collaboration, workflow, case management, security and records retention policies.

Benefits to having implementing document management solutions:

  • Easy document digital conversion.
  • Reducing paper.
  • Instant document access anytime, anywhere.
  • Regulatory compliance assistance.
  • No off-site storage needs.
  • Finding documents easier.
  • Better data security.
  • Easier document version identification.

Tri-Copy will perform a free print audit to analyze your printing system for efficiency and productivity. Call us at 770-716-7558. 

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