How Fast Can You Run?

The goal of optimization is to create efficiencies that can lead to more capacity, lowered costs and increased profitability. Tri-Copy provides solutions and services that are tailored to your operation, using LEAN methodologies and tools to eliminate waste, decrease non-value added steps and reduce overall touch points.

Tri-Copy provides LEAN Workflow Assessments to pinpoint operational processing methods and related personnel. We make recommendations that, when implemented, save touch points; eliminate wastes of time, motion, materials and inventory costs; and reduce non-value-added steps. A detailed assessment provides you with the critical information needed to understand the ROI of making changes to your workflow. Some workflow changes may be based on physical layout or responsibility modifications. Other changes may call for the integration of existing systems into new advancements in production management software and services. Workflow optimization solutions provide both cloud and on-premise options to manage the flow of information through your production facility. From the initial point that the order comes in to your facility all the way through shipping and delivery confirmation, you need visibility, flexibility and reporting.

Tri-Copy’s workflow optimization solutions allow you to leverage existing investments and create workflows that meet your needs, now and into the future. By building a strong operational base and partnering with us, you can go more confidently after new and emerging opportunities in the evolving graphic communications space.

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