Secure Printing can Keep Sensitive Information Safe

Every business works with sensitive information. A few examples include employees' tax information, salary and insurance details, medical information, legal documentation, student records or termination papers. Depending on the nature of your business, you might also be dealing with sensitive customer information. It is your responsibility, as an organization and employer, to keep this information secure. Secure printing software can be an important part of your security process. 

Secure printing software is one tool that controls the transfer and production of sensitive information. It works by tying the user to the document by requiring that user to identify him/herself at the printer (via a PIN# or ID card) before production will begin. This ensures that the sensitive documents don’t get lost in the paper shuffle or picked up by unauthorized viewers.  

PaperCut™ is a print management software with a secure print release feature that prevents printed documents from falling into the wrong hands. It prevents having to take any of the steps in the secure printing guide above. Instead, the program works by putting print jobs into a holding pattern. Until a user authenticates themselves at a printer, their document will not be produced. This ensures the user is present whenever their confidential document prints. 

As a bonus to the security benefits, PaperCut’s™ secure print release can help reduce waste within your organization. Because print jobs can be held until a user is authenticated, many jobs go unprinted because the user never claims the job. 

Secure printing seeks to minimize the risk of exposing sensitive information and helps keep both your employees' and customers’ information safe. To assess your environment and discover which is right for your organization, give Tri-Copy a call to set up a free consultation. 

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