How Businesses Can Prepare For Coronavirus

The Corona Virus is Forcing Organizations to Adapt Rapidly to New Challenges

How can your business prepare for these challenges? These actions are the actions that Tri-Copy is taking as we respond to the crisis.

1. The health of your employees is crucial to the sustainability of your business during this current crisis. A comprehensive approach to maintaining a clean work environment and healthy staff is critical.

  • Meet with your team and educate them on official recommendations for hygiene during the pandemic. Keep your team informed on your organization’s current plans to address the pandemic.
  • Have your office and/or work environment regularly cleaned. Provide hand sanitizer and wipes in multiple places within your organization.
  • Send sick employees home that show symptoms of fever and or respiratory illness and refer to official public health guidelines regarding allowing them to return to work. Request that employees with sick relatives remain at home until a risk assessment can be performed on the relative and employee. Work out a telecommuting plan with the employee without jeopardizing the wellness of fellow employees.
  • Encourage social distancing and minimize in person meetings. Use teleconference and/or video conference systems instead. Provide tele-commute options for employees where available.
  • Suspend travel abroad to countries with high rates of illness and minimize travel domestically to decrease employee’s exposure to crowds.

2. Develop a pandemic disaster preparedness plan.

  • Determine what roles within your organization are essential and non essential.
  • Upon identifying essential employees, determine which of those are eligible for maintaining a virtual office and telecommuting. Develop a plan for maintaining a clean environment for those employees that are required at the place of business.
  • Identify employees that are available to step in to essential positions should an essential employee become ill.
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