What are the Chances of Losing Information in Cloud Storage?

Cloud computing is a combination of hosted applications, data storage, and remote server access through the internet. The cloud is where all applications and data are stored. Many individuals and businesses use the cloud in some format, often without knowing. Social networks and email applications are two of the most common uses. We often get the question of where is cloud data physically stored? Data and applications housed in the cloud are not just whirling around in nothingness.

Cloud-stored data and applications are stored on individual servers of data centers that are located all over the world. Data center owners basically rent storage space for businesses and individuals to house their data. Within the centers, everyone's data is kept private and housed within its own dedicated space.

Another common question we receive would be, is it safe to store data in the cloud? The cloud might be one of the safest places to store data. Cloud data is stored in multiple locations, making it exceptionally difficult to lose. If you ever have trouble retrieving your data from the cloud, it can always be retrieved from another data center. Since data center storage is decentralized in nature, it's much safer than on-site storage.

Although it's structured for safety, there are a variety of ways to lose data in the cloud. Sometimes technology fails, such as computers freezing and backup copies are lost. Other times, servers crash and the information contained within is lost. These are all potential sources of data loss, and the cloud is not exempt from technology failure or human error.

The most common factors for data loss in the cloud are listed below:

Perhaps the most common source of data loss when using cloud storage is unintentional deletion.

It is also possible to have information mistakenly overwritten by users or by applications.

Most cloud storage providers go to great lengths to secure their networks and your data, but not all attacks can be prevented.

There are a variety of problems that can arise from lost data, such as: damage to your image, reputation, and litigation from customers whose private information that has been exposed and/or lost. However, there are ways to minimize the risk of data loss and ensure the security of your data stored in cloud storage.

Tri-Copy offers robust cloud storage options that provide you with ample storage, affordable pricing and, most importantly, robust security. When you work with Tri-Copy on a cloud storage solution, you have access to the best software programs available (at a price you can afford) and a team of highly-skilled experts that can optimize your cloud storage and mitigate threats to your information.

Data storage may never be perfect, but there are solutions available to mitigate risks and provide security. If you are interested in working with Tri-Copy to develop a secure cloud storage solution, contact us to request a consultation.

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