IT Issues Businesses Encounter

Technology has come a long way since the introduction of Internet Explorer and will continue to make massive strides in the future. One thing any Magic 8 Ball will guarantee is that new technology will continue to be a major part of our lives. 

Businesses must rely on Information Technology (IT) in order to stay competitive and current. 

But managing IT comes with unwanted challenges and issues. So to help you out, here are the most common IT issues that your business is likely to encounter. 

  • Security 

Cyber security is hands-down the biggest problem with technology. Hackers are perpetually drooling over identities and personal information. 

But you can still sleep at night if you set up policies that maintain the safety of your personal information. 

  • Data Protection 

A close cousin to security; the large amounts of data stored, sent and retrieved need protection too. 

Data breaches and other threats are becoming more sophisticated and can be absolutely devastating to any company. 

Customers don’t want their data at risk, so if a breach does happen, rebuilding their trust is equally as challenging. 

  • Workload 

Often, IT staff lack the skills to efficiently complete certain tasks, and yet the time consumed to complete this growing workload, means there’s less time for skill building and training. It truly is a double-edged sword. 

  • Innovation 

Undergoing the proper digital transformation in order to stay competitive is an IT challenge that will never go away. 

The adage, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” cannot apply to you. You must continually innovate, adjust your business, reorganize and find new revenue streams. 

  • Accessibility 

Another common IT problem is data accessibility and availability. You have some options on where to store and access your data, but none are perfect. 

Cloud computing is the hottest thing, yet it’s continually evolving and has limitations. While storing and accessing data from on premise servers can become expensive to upgrade, maintain and keep secure. 

  • System Integration 

The systems and services written in different technologies and languages often struggle to integrate correctly. 

  • Cost Reduction 

The most prosperous businesses know the importance of reducing costs to maintain a budget, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an IT challenge. 

Technological advancements require continual upgrades for your business, including training, new hires and other expenses. 

  • Workforce Hiring 

Advancements in technology have created tech-savvy consumers, but filling IT positions is proving difficult. 

While you’d think this field would focus more on skills than an interviewee having a four-year college degree, it doesn’t. Those with computer science and electrical engineering degrees often do have the necessary skills, but having that diploma isn’t an indicator of IT abilities. 

  • Outsourcing/Automation 

Large workloads and difficulty finding qualified new employees can lead to the cumbersome alternatives of seeking additional help. 

Outsourcing can be a welcome solution but also comes with undesired risks; the quality of the outsourced products is out of your control, and security risks duplicate. 

Automation is often difficult to implement but deserves a promotion. Normally just used for humdrum tasks, you can find ways to automate important technologies like cloud migration and cyber threat detection. 

  • Privacy 

A major ethical problem is maintaining data privacy and integrity. Your company transfers large amounts of information daily, which can easily lead to the possibility of disclosing personal information that violates the privacy of individuals or groups. 

  • Piracy  

Unauthorized duplication of software is often hard to detect, but the penalties can be severe. Some of the software you work with might allow backup copies to be made, where others might not. 

  • Free Access to Information 

The access rights you have for information varies, which provides a unique ethical challenge. 

  • Copyright 

While copyrights and patents are vastly different, their issues in information technology are similar. 

Both are in place to preserve and protect, so the misuse of data, programs or software for existing copyrights and patents can be devastating. 

  • Trade Secrets  

The law protects valuable assets like your marketing plans or source code—the things only you and your confidants should know. 

Trade secrets rely on confidentiality and can be protected so a competitor or ex-employee is not running off with your secrets. 

  • Liability  

Hardware and software developers use specific language that defines the quality and capabilities of their product, and any restrictions for their use or misuse. Pay attention to these agreements and know that they must be in writing to protect against liability. 

As your business adapts to the ever-evolving technological advancements, you’ll discover these and multitudes more issues regarding information technology. 

The good news is Managed IT service providers like Tri-Copy have the resources and experience to help you avoid or ease through these difficulties and challenges. Let us deal with the IT challenges; you have enough to focus on. 

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