Financial Institutions

Mitigate security and compliance risks and experience peace of mind.

Tri-Copy is your trusted partner, providing specialized IT security, infrastructure, audit, and compliance services tailored for financial institutions. Our comprehensive suite of managed services is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of financial companies. Our technical experts and support professionals possess deep regulatory and compliance knowledge, making us the ideal choice to assist you with FFIEC exams, third-party audits, and state regulations.

Our Leadership and Expertise

Our dedicated services for community financial institutions, coupled with our expertise in IT auditing, security, and compliance, are unmatched. Tri-Copy's Finance team boasts professionals with extensive backgrounds in the banking industry, collectively holding ISACA CISA, CISM, and CGEIT certifications. Over the years, we have served numerous community banks and credit unions.

Audit and Reporting

Tri-Copy's Audit and Reporting suite streamlines the management of your IT infrastructure, delivering regulatory-approved IT Security Programs, policies, procedures, controls, and reports. This empowers your institution to optimize its internal IT resources effectively.

Service Bureau IT – Cloud Computing for Financial Institutions

In an era where technology is integral to essential business processes, institutions must ensure continuous system availability. There's no room for system or data disruptions, and with technological advancements, there are no excuses. Financial institutions can now entrust their entire IT infrastructure to Tri-Copy. Allow Tri-Copy to host your computing infrastructure in our fully redundant private cloud environment, purposefully designed to meet the security and regulatory demands of financial institutions.

Internal Security Services

Tri-Copy's Internal Security Services deliver robust managed security protection, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your vital banking data and assets. Our integrated end-to-end platform diligently monitors, analyzes, and manages the security of your internal network and systems.

Security Event Compliance

Tri-Copy's Security Event Compliance Suite is engineered to tackle the wealth of security event data within your network. It comprehends log data, remedies threats when necessary, identifies policy violations, and effortlessly uncovers the root causes of security incidents or breaches.

Employee Productivity and Security

Balancing employee productivity with safeguarding crucial company data, customer information, and intellectual property remains a challenge for financial institutions. Data breaches, whether malicious or accidental, can be financially and reputationally devastating. Tri-Copy's Employee Productivity and Security Suite erects a protective perimeter around your institution and employee computer activities, empowering you to address these challenges effectively.

Professional Services

As the IT landscape continually evolves, Tri-Copy stands ready to assist your organization in integrating new technologies, executing core processor migrations, expanding branch locations, devising robust business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and more.

In the world of banking, where paperwork abounds—quarterly reports, financial statements, and marketing materials—Tri-Copy is dedicated to providing the financial industry with comprehensive IT, Print, Cloud, and Security solutions. Simplify your daily workflows and enhance workforce productivity effortlessly. Our integrated tools are finely tuned to meet the specialized needs of bank branches and other financial institutions.

Tri-Copy's all-in-one solutions eradicate office stress. Say goodbye to printer queues, workflow bottlenecks, and lost paperwork, all while boosting productivity. Embrace cloud-based document solutions that automate digitization, facilitate easy retrieval, and ensure secure storage. You'll always have access to critical information for loan approvals, credential verification, and superior customer service.

For unwavering industry compliance and the confidence of your customers, count on our top-tier Managed Security, safeguarding against both employee mishaps and targeted attacks. We keep your client data, company assets, and confidential communications secure. Welcome to comprehensive banking solutions, courtesy of Tri-Copy.