Business Printing Costs

Business printing costs can be difficult to manage, and they are oftentimes higher than you would think. Finding the true cost of printing within your business means gathering all print-related expenses and assessing them. In this post, I'll be covering which expenses affect your overall printing costs as well as some strategies for lowering those costs. Printing expenses include all supplies used for printing, along with the costs of the print equipment itself, maintenance, and repair expenses. While most would think business printing costs are down in the digital age, the average business employee prints 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year; that amounts to an average business printing cost per employee of $725. But that's not all. Another important factor in assessing your printing costs is the effect your current print environment has on employee productivity.

Many offices find that the paper and toner cartridges for their printers are one of the greatest expenses. When print supplies are disappearing, the cause can be anything from inefficient use, printing personal documents, or misplaced and mismanaged supplies.

If the printer your office uses is outdated or not functioning properly, it can increase the use of print supplies and negatively affect employee productivity. Older print devices can cause numerous problems, and when the costs of maintaining and repairing an old printer start to stack up, it may be worth investing in a new machine.

Issues like printing low quality documents and having a printer that's not staying connected to your network can negatively affect employee productivity. In small businesses, these printing costs can add up quickly in terms of productivity. Oftentimes, there is not a dedicated IT/Print Specialist and an employee with some technical skills is tasked with the extra responsibility. Additionally, print-related issues can cause missed deadlines and employee frustration. While you won't find these issues itemized on a budget, they do affect your bottom line.

Beyond applying the strategies mentioned above, there are additional ways you can take control of your business printing costs. You can always reach out to one of Tri-Copy's specialists to discuss your specific print environment. We can talk to you about upgrading your printers if they are outdated, or help you decide which new printer best suits the needs of your business and employees.

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