Always Remembering to Backup Files

With so many services these days wanting to help you store your files online, they might all seem like the same thing.  Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive and other file-syncing services are convenient, but they also sync deletions and changes. You can often recover deleted files or undo changes, but they shouldn’t be your only backup method.

Online backup services, on the other hand, offer a double layer of security by first automatically encrypting your files with a private key that uniquely protects your data and then storing them online on encrypted drives.

The copy of your files on the remote servers does qualify as an offsite backup and they will help protect your files if all your hardware is damaged or stolen. But changes happen instantly and old files are only kept for so long.

The Konica Minolta Document storage system stores hardcopy documents and converts them to an electronic format which will allow you to digitize and archive files, track and manage documents throughout their lifecycle, as they are written, revised and updated.  Tri-Copy offers the Konica Minolta document storage system as an in office alternative to cloud based storage.   For all your document management needs contact Tri-Copy.

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