5 Mistakes That Can Be Made With Implementing an ECM Solution

Enterprise content management (ECM) is the systematic collection and organization of information that is used by a designated audience, whether it is a business executive or customers. When it comes time to implement your ECM, there are some areas that many businesses make mistakes. Making the transition to your new ECM solution should be easy and smooth. The following is a list of the five most common pitfalls that are experienced while implementing the ECM solution transition and the best methods to go about avoiding the same mistakes during your transition.

  1. Disorganization. Most businesses will implement a paperless ECM solution to cut cost of paper and storage. If you choose a paperless approach, remember this solution does not happen overnight. They take structured, step-by-step planning, and realistic timelines. If you skip a step or do not complete it properly this will result in disruptions in your business. Make sure all of your employees understand each step and follows the plan.
  2. Not Investing in a Quality Scanner. When you decide to implement an ECM solution, you need to make sure all of your tools are up to date and can handle the capabilities of the ECM. Investing in an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) will allow you to take full advantage of a paperless solution.
  3. No Disaster Recovery Plan. Even though you are going paperless, you have to remember to keep all of your files backed up digitally. Having all of your files backed up is the key to ensuring a sound disaster recovery plan.
  4. Not Offering Cloud-Based Access. Businesses are starting to use mobile devices to get their work done. You should keep this in mind when looking for a paperless solution. It is very wise to invest in one that offers reliable and secure cloud-based access.
  5. Poor Data Security. All ECM solutions need to follow proper governance standards and financial regulatory requirements that are tired to laws, including HIPAA and SEC.

Your ECM solution can be implemented smoothly as long as you avoid these common mistakes and set realistic expectations. Contact Tri-Copy today and together we can build a partnership and work together to make your business thrives with safe, secure, and backed up documents.

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