Top 3 Information Management Misconceptions

Managing information without an information management strategy will result in high risks and could damage your relationship with your customers. If your business is a small or medium business (SMB) or a large business, your company’s data is your most valuable asset. If this information is unstructured, your internal costs of doing business is high and the process is outdated. There is a better way. The importance of information management has been increasing in different organizations; however, there are still many companies that haven’t put a priority on implementing an enterprise content management system. Why? We are going to address the top three information management misconceptions that prevent businesses from leveraging their most valuable asset:

  1. Employees always fight change. Most of us do not like what we do not know or understand. Once you educate your employees on why you are moving to an information management system and how it can help them do their job most effectively, they will look forward to this change.
  2. Without ECM, you can’t govern your information. If your company is looking for a structured and automated way of managing information, you need to research an ECM solution. Most consultants know that the roadmap is the best tool for showing your company how the process will change and how it can affect different areas of the business. In truth, you do not need to wait for an ECM implementation to start governing your information. The most common mistake companies make is failing to plan and strategize.
  3. Information management solutions cost too much. Your business documents and information are critical assets to the success of your company and should be managed properly. Get the full value from your information and enjoy the assurance and peace of mind that you are minimizing the risks with a well-planned information management strategy.

The misconceptions go on and on, but for every misconception there is a logical explanation. Contact Tri-Copy to help educate you on the technology, best practices, and deployment options for your information management solutions.

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