Office Automation – The Value of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Service (MPS) offerings have matured and customer expectations drive well beyond the simple cost consolidation and fleet optimization offered in the past.

When Tri-Copy Launched Optimized Print Services (OPS) from Konica Minolta back in 2008, customers were mainly concerned about cost management and reducing print assets. While this remains a key driver, customers now expect their strategic partner to combine consultancy, workflow efficiencies, print fleet optimization, software integration, service and support for hardware and implementation services.

Our OPS offering is driven by a deep understanding of business requirements and alignment with key business drivers that ultimately lead to a blueprint for a successful enterprise print strategy. Not only does our data-driven analysis approach look at end-user print behaviors, application usages, device utilization, print volume and number of devices, we also look at workflow efficiencies and improved cost management. This helps foster the concept of a “Less Print” environment – a key requirement for long-term success in the MPS market.

As part of the “Less Print” strategy, we already offer a range of software and applications that address the digitization and storage of content, secure release print, behavioral modification to create awareness about the cost of printing, and workflow design to eliminate the need for printed documents. Our bizhub Marketplace apps play a strategic role as part of this strategy helping customers manage enterprise print while making businesses more efficient.

When talking to customers about MPS, remember that the end state of a managed print program is to develop long-term sustainable savings through proactive management and engagement with the customer. Make sure you are moving the conversation beyond cost consolidation to workflow and business efficiencies.

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