Managed Print Services Shouldn’t be a DIY Project

DIY projects are right at our fingertips with Pinterest and YouTube. DIY projects can be fun and successful, however, there are some things best left to professionals. Even if you have a history of success with setting up new devices and troubleshooting, network printers are smart, multi-functional, and equipped with their own hard drives. With the increased sophistication of today’s print technology, it may be time to step away from print management and leave it to Tri-Copy, the experts.

Implementing and configuring print management software correctly is not easy. A lot of clients get frustrated and don’t end up with the results they wanted. This is when we receive calls for a print audit.

Tri-Copy has resources to install, implement, and monitor the print environments of businesses of all sizes.

There are several different types of managed print services software, and a print audit will help determine which software is best for your business. One software is data collection. This network finds all printers and monitors them. Data collection finds out page counts for each printer and supply levels on the cartridges.

In addition to a large pool of resources, Tri-Copy has teams of professionals dedicated to supporting our managed print services.

  •  Installation Team: these technicians ensure you have an efficient, functioning print environment and understand how to use it.
  •  Help Desk & Service Team: these individuals respond to your day-to-day support needs and troubleshoot issues as they arise.
  •  Account Management Team: these Tri-Copy representatives maintain the relationship with our clients and act as a customer advocate.

Who would want to DIY their print environment when they have Tri-Copy on their side? Contact Tri-Copy today.

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