Is Your Multifunction Printer Vulnerable to a Network Hack?

We have all heard the recent reports of network hackers gaining access to multifunction printers, causing headaches for IT teams and cyber security personnel. These stories in the news are creating a lot of noise in the industry, overstating the risks of having a printer or MFP installed within an organization’s network. Although this could be cause for concern, multifunction printer hacks are relatively harmless. Typically, a person who wanted to do cyber harm within a corporation wouldn’t spend the effort to attack a printing device.

It is important to understand these perceived network vulnerabilities can only be taken advantage of from within a company’s network environment. The network hackers would need to be a company or organizational employee with private network access. The devices are not vulnerable from outside the firewall or from the Internet, unless the network is vulnerable to external attacks.

There are several easy steps that ensures even a hacker within a network cannot directly access a multifunction or standard printer. One network security solution is called IP address filtering, which limits access to these devices on a departmental basis using standard built-in network security.

Tri-Copy’s bizhub SECURE is a professional service that assures each customer’s bizhub multifunction printer is set up with secure complex administrator passwords and other hard drive specific security measures such as:

  • Hard drive encryption
  • Automatic deletion of temporary image data
  • Hard drive lock password
  • Data overwrite of electronic documents on a time basis

bizhub Secure was created for customers who do not have the infrastructure, the bandwidth, or the resources to configure their multifunction printers alone and need assistance to lock down every unit’s hard drive.

Tri-Copy has the technology, products, services, and educational materials to help our valued clients and partners confidently use our bizhub multifunction printers without risk from physical attacks, cyberattacks or MFP-based breaches. Tri-Copy’s goal is to make our bizhub products the most secure devices available on the market.

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