Choosing a Wide Format Printer

Wide format printers are cost effective and easy to use. Over the years more and more businesses have realized that wide format printers aren’t only used for engineering firms but are used in a wide range of businesses. Below are the top four things to consider when selecting a wide format printer.

1. Black and white or color. Before you decide what wide format printer to add to your business, you have to sit down and decide if you will need a black and white printer color or if you need to add color to the mix. Things to keep in mind, if you are going to be printing posted, photos, or drawings you will need to choose a color option. If this does not apply to you and you need a faster printer, a black and white will perform faster.

2. Costs. While cost is an important factor when making a new purchase, you must remember that a printer is an investment to your business. If a wide format printer is chosen correctly, it will add benefits to your work flow process.

3. Speed and performance. Make sure you understand all of the specifications on each printer you are considering. If you aren’t 100% sure about the specifications, ask one of Tri-Copy’s workers so they can explain all of the options to you. Also consider the following: warm-up time, processing time, speed vs. print quality mode and throughput.

4. Image quality. With a wide format printer, the data is as important as the print technology. This means that just because you have a high resolution image, you aren’t guaranteed high resolution. In order for the printer to print results of its best potential, the data that is to be printed must be of its best quality result. Consider how the printer interprets data, this is especially important when you work with detailed prints.

Are you ready to find out which wide format printer is for you?  Contact Tri-Copy today for a free consultation.

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