The Importance Of Secure File Sharing

File sharing solutions are found everywhere. There are countless possibilities for secure file sharing, secure file transferring, virtual data rooms, Google drives, and other file sharing solutions. In today’s world, businesses of all verticals, especially legal, deal with sensitive data and the importance of sharing files securely. With Tri-Copy’s file sharing solutions, we can protect our clients and customer data.

In years past, when you needed to share a file, you would simply create an email, add the file you needed to share, and send to the recipients. We didn’t pay attention to the security of our documents or files. Now we can see the flaws in our outdated ways of working and why secure file sharing ranks so highly on the IT services agenda for law firms.

What is secure file sharing or secure file transfer?

File sharing means using a private network that’s password protected and hosted in a secure data center. Only parties invited individually to attend a group need to be authenticated before they are given access to any information. Also, before a file is shared or loaded onto a document management system, it is scanned for sensitive metadata, which is then flagged to the owner or removed in accordance with company policy. Secure file transfer involves sending secure links via email to a cleaned document, rather than attaching the large or sensitive document to an email itself and hitting send.

Secure file sharing is important because of the very nature of the work law firms, insurance companies, and many other companies conduct. Protecting a client and their confidential communications is the #1 rule for any practitioner. Law firms use valuable resources to work on high-stakes client matters, so each document needs to be guarded with due care and attention.

In a tech-savvy world, companies need the very best and most flexible solutions to securely share their files. Tri-Copy offers such top solutions to the legal and other security-conscience environments. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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