New Challenges Require New Tech Solutions

Everyone knows that business has changed immensely in the last five years. As we’ve adapted to these changes, Tri-Copy’s focus has centered upon three essential areas: equipment, solutions and service. Successful businesses require current reliable equipment and the latest workflow solutions to remain competitive and productive. We understand that you need a professional as a technology consultant, assisting you in your business’s efforts to streamline outdated machines, business workflows and processes.  It is equally important that your needs are supported by a local responsive provider. If your company faces the challenge of an aging infrastructure, it is important to partner with an organization that understands Return on Investment (ROI).

We’ve helped many businesses unlock their greater potential of productivity with little disruption to their staff’s way of doing business and many times at less expense than the old clunky way of doing business. We are here to help, the next step is yours, please do us both a favor and reach out today to schedule a time to see how we can help you.

Equipment: From desktop to print shop, our complete Konica Minolta product line of printers, copiers, color copiers, scanners and Multi-Function Devices (MFD) are essential components to your business’ infrastructure.  When it comes to the latest technology, Tri-Copy stays on top of the latest trends.  Our managed services division is equal to a concierge for your technology needs, so your business is never halted. We have flexible leasing plans, shorter terms, upgrades and many options for your business’ needs.

Solutions: Businesses needs are evolving quickly. To unlock productivity in today’s office environment, businesses need more than a “this is how we’ve done it for years” solution. Today’s demand requires a serious look into electronic document management and print management workflows.  If you are not scanning, archiving, indexing and retrieving forms electronically and then “printing to the lowest cost to paper”, then we need to talk.

Failure to adapt to hyper connectivity and business process automation can be a business’ demise in this age. We offer IT services, networking and data and cloud storage solutions that will help your business grow.

Service: We don’t have customers, we have clients. The difference is in the nature of the relationship. Client relationships are ongoing, long-lasting and trusting partnerships that endure over the life of the business. There are so many things a business owner has to take care of; when a trusting partnership is made and good, solid services are rendered, it takes one more thing off the list.

If you are using over 3 year old technology you need to talk to us. Call us at 770-716-7558 or EMAIL US to request a free technology audit.

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