Legal Services

While our array of consulting, engineering, and support services are valuable solutions for the numerous law firms that entrust us with their information technology management, Tri-Copy has gleaned valuable insights from experience. We have learned to concentrate on specific software solutions that offer the highest value to them. These include document management, case management, and document imaging.

Legal Applications Document Management

Document Management

Tri-Copy's Document Management solutions establish a foundation that facilitates team-based collaboration on document-intensive processes. This empowers enterprises, law firms, accounting and professional services firms, institutions, and government organizations to enhance organizational decision-making, mitigate risks, and streamline execution, resulting in an average efficiency improvement of 40%.

Key Features

  • Protection of Intellectual Capital: Securely store all project, matter, or engagement-related files, including email messages, attachments, and scanned images, in a centralized repository.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Comprehensive profiling and metadata capture enable faster and more accurate searches.
  • User-Friendly: Industry's tightest integration with desktop productivity tools ensures quick user adoption with minimal or no training required.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Browser-based access to the repository, combined with offline mode, eliminates delays due to time zone differences.
  • Risk Mitigation: User-level security, audit trails, versioning, and business process automation ensure tight control over all documents within your repository.

Case Management

Our solution mirrors the day-to-day workflow typically followed by attorneys and paralegals throughout the day and over the history of a case. As it manages day-to-day activities, it builds a comprehensive client/case/matter database and history that can enhance every aspect of your legal practice.

You gain immediate access to tools that allow you to efficiently manage:

  • Case Status and Information
  • Document Assembly and Document Management
  • Full-Text Search of all Documents
  • Outlook Integration
  • Case(s) Checkout
  • Document Scanning & Imaging
  • Calendaring and Docketing
  • Email (Internet or Internal)
  • Cardfile - Contact Party
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Automated Time Entry
  • To-Do Packages
  • Staff Sign-in / Sign-out Sheets
  • Integration with other products

Our product seamlessly integrates with industry leaders in Email, Document Management, Court Rules, and Time & Billings solutions. It also archives documents and facilitates easy sharing with others.

Legal Applications Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Employed by some of the world's leading law firms, our Document Imaging solution efficiently captures and manages mixed-mode documents and integrates seamlessly with nearly all legal information systems.

This unified document routing platform centrally captures, processes, and manages mixed-mode (paper and electronic) documents across the enterprise. Designed to facilitate "in-process" document capture and processing, it provides business users with a personalized solution that automatically distributes content in multiple formats and to multiple destinations from a single action. The result: faster processes, increased productivity, and lower costs.

Already deployed in more than 25 of the top 100 law firms nationwide and numerous small and mid-size firms, this powerful solution helps legal organizations tackle their key document management challenges.

Key Features

  • Continuous and spontaneous document integration
  • Hardware independence to capture documents from different devices and platforms
  • Simultaneous distribution of documents to multiple destinations such as fax, email, or document/records management systems
  • Capture of both paper and electronic documents ("mixed mode" documents) and integration into electronic file structures
  • Decentralized document integration and scanning
  • Users can create personal document-routing directives for enhanced flexibility

Users can conveniently utilize nearly any multifunction device (such as a digital copier or printer) to scan, fax, store, send, receive, archive documents, and share them with others.

Efficiently managing client files and records becomes a reality when your law firm's staff doesn't grapple with technology shortcomings. Reliable printing and secure scanning are must-haves for hybrid paper and digital workflows that don't hinder your team.

We assist law firms in establishing secure workflows for case files, contracts, depositions, filings, invoices, and other documents. Information integrity and privacy are maintained through well-maintained security practices, including employee training.

Elevate your law firm's technical capacity without the need to hire additional staff to manage it. We bring extensive experience to the table and get your practice up to speed without disruptions or downtime.

Law firms cannot thrive if their business technology falls behind. User convenience plays a significant role in law firm productivity. Your valuable support staff shouldn't be hampered by office technology, as their primary role is to support the practice and its clients, not maintain your business infrastructure. Document workflow should accelerate legal service, not impede it.

When printers, scanners, and copiers are well-managed, law offices rarely experience equipment problems and never worry about service or consumables. Quality print and copier output consistently present a professional, trustworthy image.

Cloud capabilities offer law firm employees secure access and storage for ever-expanding volumes of data, client records, and other confidential information.