Tri-Copy's Managed Office services are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique requirements of every company. We don't merely provide you with tools; instead, we undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your current operations and objectives. Following this assessment, we create a tailored blueprint, implement, and uphold the most suitable solutions. Our commitment extends to offering customer support, proactive monitoring, and scalable services.

From Managed Print solutions, ideal for generating floor plans, signage, and material lists, to Managed Cloud services, which unify your diverse job sites and workforces, you'll find everything you need for a top-tier Managed Office, all under one roof.

Despite being one of the last industries to embrace the digital era, the construction sector stands to gain immeasurable advantages from Tri-Copy's Managed Print, IT, and Document solutions. These solutions empower construction professionals to enhance efficiency. Furthermore, our 12-layer cybersecurity defense provides an added layer of confidence.

With our services, you can not only print blueprints, contracts, and material lists more efficiently but also share resources seamlessly from anywhere, at any time. Integrated cloud communications and document management solutions enable you to upload, manage, and share documents across your entire team, regardless of where their "office" may be on any given day. You can effortlessly communicate through calls, video chats, or messages via the cloud, maintaining connectivity with your crews and facilitating virtual meetings with clients. For the construction industry, we offer simplified user interfaces and streamlined tools that are accessible to everyone.