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Is Your Multifunction Printer Vulnerable to a Network Hack?

We have all heard the recent reports of network hackers gaining access to multifunction printers, causing headaches for IT teams and cyber security personnel.

Benefits to Managed IT Services that Save Businesses Money

Print Management

Print Management solutions, like those offered by Tri-Copy, help companies gain control of print, copy, scan and fax jobs based on individual users to reduce costs and increase productivity and document security.

Reasons Secure Printing Isn’t Working at Your Law Firm

5 Cost Saving Benefits of Managed IT Services

Having a managed IT service allows you to outsource a variety of IT support tasks you would otherwise need to pay someone to do in-house. When you are making a decision about whether or not to use a managed IT service, you need to look at the benefits to understand where they align with your business objectives.

The Risk of NOT Having Managed Print Services

Most small business will have one or two printers in their office, but larger corporations will have a fleet of printers that are scattered around the United States in several different locations. Despite being in different location, Managed Print Services still view this as a single print environment.

Four Ways Your Old Printers Are Costing You Money

Old printers are like old cars, they start eating away at your budget for maintenance. With your old printer, you need to calculate all of your maintenance costs, energy costs, supply costs, and productivity costs. How do you and your company know when it is the right time to trade in your old printer for a newer model?

What is a Cloud and why is it Beneficial?

The cloud is a way to store data without taking up space on your personal computer. Storing data is a central, fundamental function of computers and computing environments.

2017 Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Award

Tri-Copy is proud to receive the 2017 Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Service award.

How Managed Print Services Benefits Schools

In schools and throughout entire school districts, printing serves a central role. As technology evolves, schools are keeping up with these changes and they have to do so on a limited budget. With Managed Print Services, schools can stay current with their print technologies and stay within their budgets.

Technology’s Effect on the Law Firm of the Future

Advancing law technology has pushed firms to move faster than normal to implement the changes necessary to benefit the possible strategic growth and survival.

Why You Need a Service Partner for Your Copier Repair

We all know that copiers copy, print, scan, etc, but some copiers have various software apps that help boost their productivity. Document management software converts, searches, and stores your business documents. In the copier industry, service and experience is the difference between a print fleet optimized to meet your business objectives and a bunch of copiers and printers thrown together haphazardly

Choosing a Wide Format Printer

Wide format printers are cost effective and easy to use. Over the years more and more businesses have realized that wide format printers aren’t only used for engineering firms but are used in a wide range of businesses.

Managed Print Services for Law Firms

Everyone knows that money drives business, and optimizing your time the best to your ability is going to end in success. In law firms, time really is money, because a lot of time is spent printing due to the nature of the business.

How Section 179 can Benefit your Small Business

All small businesses have to claim deductions yearly. There is an amazing way to go about claiming said deductions and it is called Section 179. Section 179 recently became a permanent part of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act, allowing businesses to invest in their own business and deduct all of their equipment purchases.

Top 3 Information Management Misconceptions

Managing information without an information management strategy will result in high risks and could damage your relationship with your customers.

Mobile Workforce

Our mobile phones are our lives. We use them to connect with family and friends, to check our email, and to check out the latest news on social media. Because of that connectivity, we are all able to be a mobile workforce and perform the majority of our jobs from anywhere.

File Storage

The partnership of Microsoft and Dropbox helps bring two companies toward a solutions approach for the enterprise space. This is great news, but we were the first to embrace this practice.

5 Mistakes That Can Be Made With Implementing an ECM Solution

Enterprise content management (ECM) is the systematic collection and organization of information that is used by a designated audience, whether it is a business executive or customers. When it comes time to implement your ECM, there are some areas that many businesses make mistakes.

What is Managed Print Services?

What exactly is Managed Print Services (MPS)? MPS is best described as gaining visibility and control of your printing. It helps save money, boosts productivity, and improves environmental sustainability and document safety. Printing means the total cost of managing and optimizing your printers, their outputs, and the processes that support the devices.

Bizhub C258

Always Remembering to Backup Files

We can help you with data storage for your legal records. Stay organized with our help, call 770-716-7558 for big data solutions. eDiscovery, evidence and data.

Looking for a Printing Partner?

Your Best Investment

Transform your financial document workflow process into one that’s streamlined, automated and secure.

Workflow Optimization in the Graphics Industry

Workflow optimization solutions provide both cloud and on-premise options to manage the flow of information through your production facility. From the initial point that the order comes in to your facility all the way through shipping and delivery confirmation, you need visibility, flexibility and reporting.

How Fast Can You Run?

Workflow optimization solutions provide both cloud and on-premise options to manage the flow of information through your production facility. From the initial point that the order comes in to your facility all the way through shipping and delivery confirmation, you need visibility, flexibility and reporting.

Document Management Examined

How do you strategize the new work flow for advanced office technologies? Most businesses are using a patchwork of fax, print and scanning to comprise a ramshackle system of document management. Which five points are we using to streamline and reduce waste in your workflow?

Is your business facing today’s challenges, using yesterday’s technology?

Everyone knows that business has changed immensely in the last five years. As we’ve adapted to these changes, Tri-Copy’s focus has centered upon three essential areas: equipment, solutions and service. Successful businesses require current reliable equipment and the latest workflow solutions to remain competitive and productive.

Storing Legal Documents Safely

Today, legal cases consist of documents stored across a broad range of locations: document management systems, email platforms, instant messaging, mobile technologies, social media platforms, servers, databases, backup systems, etc.

3D Technology and Tri-Copy

Tri-Copy scores big with New 3D Systems Agreement, Konica Minolta is First to Sell 3D Printers through U.S. Office Equipment Channel.

Money Saving Office Automation Tips

Save more money and become more efficient.

Considering a Managed IT service provider?

Consider these tips when selecting your next Managed Services Provider.

Features of an Office Machine

Features to consider when selecting an office machine.

2014 Technology Trends

Trends that your business needs to know about.

Office Automation – The Value of Managed Print Services

This article summarizes current automation technologies with emphasis on managed print services.

Sharepoint - How Your Office Will Benefit

SharePoint from Microsoft is the number one enterprise information portal product in the world - See more at:

Big Time Opportunity: Why Big Data Implementation Can Be Good For Business

Information has always been a key element of success. Even in pre-internet times, organizations needed to know what goods and services were in demand, along with customer preferences, in order to remain competitive.

Ready for the Cloud Revolution?

If you are still on the fence about having your business join the cloud revolution, the data presented below will certainly help you come to a decision. Use of the cloud for business, regardless of size, has been growing exponentially in recent years.

The Hidden Cost Of Printing

For businesses, the costs of printing are not always black and white. Several factors must be considered when determining overall costs of printing.. The ordering, processing, storage, and waste of printing can turn a .14¢ copy into a .44¢ copy.

FAQ: Leasing vs Buying

I would like to offer 28 years of personal experience, condensed in the next few paragraphs. Should you buy or lease a copier? Sometimes this can be a daunting task, especially if you are an office manager or executive assistant who has been assigned to this decision.

Konica Minolta & MFP History Atlanta GA

Since its appearance on the market, the BizHub line has been known for its large volume capacity and great color output. The BizHub line has consistently been awarded the Buyers Lab Line of the Year since 2011, making it a shining star in the document management industry.

“Who Ya Gonna Call?” Personalized Office Technology Support

How accessible is your office technology support? Can you put a face with the voice on the other end of the line? There is nothing quite like the value of a cheerful and welcoming live voice to greet callers. One of the most important parts of running a business is having reliable, local and accountable support.

Your Company's IT Plan for 2015

What are the things your company needs to know when planning your IT for 2015? Cloud, Big Data, Bigger Analytics, the Internet of Things, Software-defined Dynamism.

IT Guys and Printers

Can your IT guy actually manage and service your printer/copier? The reasons why it is not wise to use your IT person to network and service your copiers.

Recertified Printers

Recertified Konica Minolta MFP Copier/Printers available locally from Tri-Copy Office Equipment, Inc.

Healthcare Industry and Copier MFPs

Five ways Tri-copy’s Konica Minolta copier MFPs are ideal for the healthcare industry for HIPAA compliance

The Old Adage

The old adage is true. You never get a second chance at a first impression to demonstrate your relevance to a customer. We have seen far too many companies relying on the nearest big box stores for equipment, document, and repair solutions, only to find them frustrated by their experience.

Tech in Education

The educational environment is changing fast. The disruption process going on in the corporate world has spilled over into education – and educators have their hands full coping.